Hey #Indiabythread girls!

I am so excited to launch our blog that I’ll probably spill too much in this first post! But it came to my attention that I’ve never been formally introduced myself, and I apologize for taking part in awkward conversations with all of you without the usual narcissistic announcement about myself.

My name is Nirvana and India by Thread is my baby, born out of my love for desi culture, our fashion, and the desire to make this world just a little more sparkly! Lately, our photoshoot with the beautiful Fazia, has caught a little attention and I couldn’t be prouder. The response we received from that post was the reason I started this brand – to give every desi girl the freedom to express their connection with their culture, through fashion. As a West Indian, dark-skinned, and plus-sized girl, I never fit the profile of a Bollywood actress – but putting on my Indian attire never left me feeling anything less. And to share this feeling with others would mean that I could inspire brown girls to see the magic within themselves.

Thank all of you so much for your love and support! Now that you at least know my name, please don’t feel afraid to reach out. India by Thread is more than just about connecting us to great desi fashion  – it is a community for helping us navigate this big brown world, together! Join us every week as we feature stories that will inspire you to shine a little brighter and to stand united as the badass South Asian women we are!

P.S.: Contact us if you are interested in adding your own little piece to our community, as our #indiabythread girls are our best inspiration!